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Netstock is a simple little stock and mutual fund internet quote retrieval program .

Netstock version 1.86 released (5/3/2017).

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BlockSSHacking brings improved protection to those ISPs or independent service providers that run SQL Server database servers and need for their clients to have remote access to those databases.

BlockSSHacking looks for hacking attempts and automatically blocks them.

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OnServiceFailure is a NT service that will keep constant watch for failures of other services running in the system. You specify which services to monitor. When a failure is discovered an email is sent to the recipient of your choice and OnServiceFailure attempts to restart the failed service.

OnServiceFailure version 1.1 was just released (11/7/2004).

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OnChange is a NT service that will allow you to watch a specified directory for changes and when they occur kick off a task (executable/program/script) to perform processing on that file. Common use would be the processing of a FTP upload directory..

OnChange version 1.1 (10/28/2004)

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